R e c o r d i n g s

where the map ends cover c.jpg
Where the Map Ends
(Disco Gecko 2021)
emotion machine front cover.jpg
Perpetual Emotion Machine
         (Disco Gecko 2017)
least leaf front.jpg
Until the Last Leaf Falls (remastered)                          (Lotek - 2020)
The Man Who Failed The Turing Test
           (EP - Disco Gecko 2016)
Escaping Tomorrow (Lotek - 2012)
Wow! Infotainment! (Lotek - 2006)
 Artificial Life
(Lotek - 2002)
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The Loneliness of the Long Distance
         Space Traveller (Lotek - 2016)
Only Science can tell us the Truth
                  (Lotek - 2007)
Metamorphosis (Lotek - 2004)
    A Valuable Addition to our
Modern Lifestyle (Lotek - 1998)