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Radium88 are Jema Davies (vocals, percussion, guitar, musical saw) and Tim Thwaites (instruments and production). They met in Nottingham UK, some time in the 90’s, bonding over a shared initial desire to make music that sounds the way William Gibson reads. Dense, quite dark, futuristic, richly textured, strange, yet with moments of humanity, hope and beauty. In 2004 or thereabouts they stopped playing live, gradually shedding punk and hip-hop influences, absorbing instead ambient electronic and classical influences and devoting their energies to recording a series of increasingly ambitious albums on their own Lotek Recordings label. These albums feature a wide range of live instrumentation in an electronic setting. They were well received critically, and a number of tracks were used to soundtrack TV programmes.

In 2016, following a contribution to a well-received compilation on the Disco Gecko label - Strange-Eyed Constellations - they were offered  the opportunity to release more material through Disco Gecko beginning with an EP in September 2016 – The Man Who Failed the Turing Test and followed up in September 2017 by a full length album - Perpetual Emotion Machine. Recently they contributed to a critically acclaimed album of remixes by and of Disco Gecko artists entitled In The Blink Of An Eye. In May 2020 they released on CD for the first time a remastered album called Until the Last Leaf Falls which for various reasons received negligible coverage when it first came out in 2009.  After that an EP entitled Where the Map Ends was released through Disco Gecko on 8th January 2021.  Their last album - We Are All Dreaming Now - was released on the 4th of April 2022. In April 2024 a new album See Saw will be released.

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